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A Complete Learning System.

How would you like a knowledgeable, patient, good-humored mentor as you study for your amateur radio license?

The Fast Track programs started when my wife, Kerry, decided to get her ham license. She didn’t connect with the other texts available; she wanted to really understand the questions on the exam, not just memorize answers.

I made her a few notes and we talked (a lot) about the topics on the exam. That turned into The Fast Track to Your Technician Class Ham Radio License. Now, Kerry holds Amateur Extra license  KC7YL. 

To our great surprise, it turned out there were a lot of hams and would-be hams who wanted in-depth understanding of what they were learning and the Fast Track programs have become one of the leading ham radio license programs.

Today, The Fast Track is a complete learning system; license manuals, math-intensive workbooks, audio, video, and practice exams on this site that all coordinate to enhance and accelerate your learning.

It’s not really a revolutionary concept — when you understand the material and you have a context for the material, you remember the answers and pass the test. As a bonus, you end up with a useful body of knowledge.

Over the years, we’ve worked constantly to improve and refine our books, e-books, workbooks, and audio programs. This has involved a lot of research into the most effective study and practice techniques, all of which are incorporated in the books, audio programs, and the practice exams on this site, which are custom-created to match up with the Fast Track programs.

Our mission is to create masterful amateur radio operators.

Michael and Kerry were interviewed for the QSO Today Podcast. Give us a listen at

Michael & Kerry on QSO Today.