2 thoughts on “Exponents, Logarithms and Keeping those Millis, Nanos and Picos Straight”

  1. I have purchased the fast track for tech and gen and would like to have access to you videos and other products. May I pay you a fee for access to all of these online .. I used you book and have passed the Technician exam and am going to take the General test on 20 June.



    1. Hi, Jim!

      Congratulations on passing the Technician exam, and good for you for going for General. All the videos are available here or on YouTube for no charge. I like having them sorted out by license class as they are on this site, but they’re the same videos. There’s presently no fee for anything on this site.

      The General audio course is available through Audible.com or iTunes.

      You have the books already, which I think means I’m just about out of stuff to sell you for now, aside from the General math workbook. Thanks for the offer, though!

      Michael Burnette, AF7KB

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