Remote Ham Exams

For the duration of the pandemic, I think it is safe to predict that live ham exams will be very scarce. The ARRL “Find an Exam” page lists a lot of cancelled sessions, and I suspect that the sessions not yet cancelled probably are but the clubs have not (yet) notified the ARRL.

However, we are ham radio operators, by golly, and we’ve collectively come up with a technological solution, which is remote testing.

More and more clubs are offering the service. It is not “online testing” and there is no such thing as “walk-in” (no appointment needed) testing. You’ll be taking the exam while being monitored live via video conferencing software, which means you need access to, at a minimum, a computer, web cam, microphone, and fast internet connection.

Procedures are evolving by the week, so going into more detail at this time would be pointless. I suggest you check out these links for more information and to find a group offering remote testing.

Kudos to the folks at for developing software to expedite the remote testing process!