QSO Today Virtual Ham Expo

August 8th & 9th in cyberspace

The QSO Today Virtual Ham Expo is coming to your desktop, laptop, tablet, or smartphone August 8th and 9th. In light of SARS-COVID-19, there most likely won’t be any live hamfests any time soon, but we can gather in cyberspace at the Virtual Ham Expo.

You attend the Virtual Ham Expo by logging on to the Expo’s web address. When you log in, your computer will be transformed into virtual convention center.

The Virtual Ham Expo will mimic almost all the functions of a livespace hamfest. (Sorry — no muddy parking lot, and no high-priced food truck lunch!) Over 70 world-class speakers will be making presentations. (I’ll be making a presentation too.) Here’s a look at a virtual presentation hall.

There are presentations for everyone from total beginner to grizzled veteran. There will be question and answer sessions after each presentation. (We’re not completely sorted on whether those sessions will be via text chat or video, but it will be one or the other.)

There will be an exhibit hall with lots of ham radio vendors present. Just as at a livespace hamfest, each vendor will have a booth. Here’s a sneak preview of ours.

When you “go to” our booth, you’ll see something like this:

The line of buttons across the bottom will take you to various web destinations or downloads, depending on how the vendor set up the booth. In the case of our booth, you can see samples of our books. There’s also a “Chat” button on the far right. If you click that during show hours, you can video chat with Kerry or me.

You do need to register in order to attend, but registration is free. You can learn more about the ARRL Sanctioned Virtual Ham Expo and register at: