Our Club’s Field Operation for 7QP

We’re active members of the Snohomish County Hams Club; Kerry’s the president and Michael’s on the board.

This video, created by one of our members, gives a great view of what a real field operation looks like. 7QP is the “Region 7 QSO Party.” It’s a contest held every year in May. We use it as a sort of dress rehearsal for Field Day, which happens in June. This year was a soggy affair, with rain or drizzle through much of the afternoon we set up everything.

You can spot Kerry in her bright red jacket supervising the setup of our HF tri-bander antenna at about :29, and Michael’s in the gray rain jacket in several shots.


Propagation was pretty poor for most of the day Saturday, so you’ll hear a lot of “CQ contest, CQ contest” and not a lot of responses, which was pretty much how the day went, but we still had a lot of fun setting up and operating.

The antenna trailer, cargo trailer, tent, radios, and associated gear are all club property. The portable BuddiHex hex antenna belongs to one of our members.