Reviews for The Fast Track to Your Extra Class Ham Radio License

This is Michael’s third Fast Track study book. The first one was Technician, passed with zero wrong answers. Ok, second was General. A little more complex, but only one wrong. I figured that I really didn’t need to go higher than General, but… Purchased ‘Amateur Extra’ and studied off and on for a few months. Finally meet the commitment, registered for the Extra exam for 2/9/19 at HamCation in Orlando. There are 719 questions in the test pool, with 50 on the exam. Took the test and passed with 44 correct!!! I’m going to be 71 in April, but even I was able to do it with Michael’s books. Many topics were quite tough, but very well explained & illustrated.
After test, I browsed around HamCation and actually met with Michael. Great guy; great teacher! Thanks Michael! Started my review for ARRL’s VEC certification.

I’ve used many study guides but they all fell short. This is the one to use. Clear and concise explanations in layman’s terms. I really like this book. It makes it fun to study for the Extra. Not boring at all. I’m buying the audio version so I can reinforce while I’m driving.

Took my Extra in November. Aced it and it took all of 5 minutes. This book is superb. Along with the book I downloaded an app and took a slew of practice exams to reinforce what I had read. The key to passing is repetition. Do practice exams over and over and you can’t go wrong. The nice thing is I understood the correct answers. I’m keeping the manual to use as a reference. Michael is an excellent teacher.

The Fast Track e-book and audiobook combination was the exact thing that I needed in order to cover the Extra exam material quickly, and in a way that would “stick” for me. The audiobook was great for listening to on my daily work commute, with the e-book during breaks and just before bed. Getting through the material quickly is important, since it does absolutely no good to try to test on something months after reading or hearing it. There were times when I absolutely needed to go to the e-book rather than the audiobook, to see charts and graphs, but the author does a great job of describing the charts in a useful, meaningful way in the audio version.

The Fast Track to your Technician, General and Extra Class books are very well written and you WILL be properly prepared for your exam no matter which level you are studying for. The reading isn’t difficult and Mr. Burnette’s writing is clear and comprehensive at the same time. He has a the skill of communicating like a tenured professor, without the high tuition. You absolutely can’t go wrong with this INVESTMENT in your knowledge. Best of success with your studies. 

This book takes a nice approach to license study. The answer and the underlying concepts for each question are succinctly explained in easy to understand fashion. You end up with a clear explanation rather than just an answer. The layout is such that it is easy to highlight the correct answers and explanations within the Kindle app; this will make it much easier to review prior to the exam. Plus, the author has an entertainingly conversational style and interjects some humor, which really helps when presenting this kind of technical information. Would definitely recommend.

Bought/used all three license class courses as Kindle and Audible. These courses by Michael Burnette are among the best training material that I’ve ever used (and I’ve had a lot of work-related continuing ed for comparison). The content and the production quality of these e and audiobooks are excellent. Burnette’s audio versions were my favorite, used in conjunction with Kindle as a reference. Burnette has a background in broadcasting and continuing ed–it shows in both versions–well edited without any annoying mannerisms. Burnette doesn’t get bogged down with minutia–If a exam question is poorly worded or confusing, he calls it out. Check out his supplementary Youtube videos for a sample of of his work. And you can control the speed of playback if it’s too fast or too slow.

This is outstanding content. He not only helps you prepare for the content well but also teaches you the theory behind it so you aren’t just a Ham what passed a test but don’t know anything more than the answers to the test. The audio is great too to help me get the content in more way than other but the audio will need the Kindle or Printed book for the formulas area.

The organization, explanations, and examples throughout the book markedly lighten what could be a rather dry subject. The ‘chunks” of info on so many things I didn’t know blended into my being able to pass the Extra Class test with ease.
The book truly lives up to being “Fast Track”.

I have used all three of Mr. Burnette’s books as well as the Audible recordings. I found them to be invaluable in preparing for all of the amateur radio examinations. His explanations make even the more obscure aspects of the radio art accessible. He has a relaxed and at times self deprecating style which I found most appealing. I passed each examination on the first attempt after approximately a month of preparation .

It worked! Two months of studying this and I now have an Amateur Extra license. W3MAH

Today I passed my General and Extra exams in one sitting, thanks in large part to Fast Track. I learned more than enough to nail the exam, but I also learned a ton about amateur radio! You will too.

This book covers it all by explaining in a practical sense the technical questions you’ll be confronted with on the extra exam. Michael Burnette kept it fun the whole way through. A must get if you want to pass your extra class exam!