Reviews for The Fast Track to Your General Class Ham Radio License

Bought/used all three license class courses as Kindle and Audible. These courses by Michael Burnette are among the best training material that I’ve ever used (and I’ve had a lot of work-related continuing ed for comparison). The content and the production quality of these e and audiobooks are excellent. Burnette’s audio versions were my favorite, used in conjunction with Kindle as a reference. Burnette has a background in broadcasting and continuing ed–it shows in both versions–well edited without any annoying mannerisms. Burnette doesn’t get bogged down with minutia–If a exam question is poorly worded or confusing, he calls it out. Check out his supplementary Youtube videos for a sample of of his work. And you can control the speed of playback if it’s too fast or too slow.

I started out with the Technician class book delivered on August 27, 2019. I was so impressed with that book that I order the General class book that was delivered on August 30, 2019. I passed my Technician and General tests on September 7, 2019. I passed both the Technician test (with one wrong answer) and General test with no wrong answers. Needless to say, I was delighted (and relieved). Michael does a great job of explaining how things work. Since I have a background building DIY audio, that gave me a bit of a head start compared to someone who has no electronics experience. But if you commit yourself to doing a chapter or two a day, it will not take that long to cover and (most importantly) understand the material. The book is packed with lots of fascinating material. I even learned that Joe Walsh (the guitar player) is a ham radio operator. What are you waiting for? Go ahead and order it!

This book covers everything that you need to know for your General License. Very comprehensive with excellent explanations for all the questions and the math problems are explained in such a manner that enables you to very easily work the problems.

Great product, great buy

Get ready to pass! Best book to study for your General exam!

Thank you Michael! By utilizing this audio book, and other online sources, I will be confidently marching into taking my General Exam in 3 days. Your explanations, and great sense of humor made listening to this enjoyable, instead of the drudgery it could have been. Your comments on “Antenna Traps”, and “3 bit” counters did not go unnoticed! I laughed out loud. I can’t imagine the time you spent in making the audio…16+ hours on this audiobook! And then moving forward into producing audio for the AE class, what a glutten for punishment you must be, HA!
Thank you again, I highly recommend this book to anyone looking to upgrade from Technician class.

Excellent study guide. The author not only give correct answers for all the possible questions on the exam but explains why and at times goes a bit further . I used only this book and aced the exam on my first try. I also used the author’s book for the technician exam. I am looking forward to his book for the extra exam.

At last! A study guide that is the perfect blend of questions, explanations, and just enough supporting material to keep it all interesting! I have been practice testing for months, passing 1 out of 10-15 attempts. After reading only half of this book, I took a couple of practice exams, and passed easily. I have since finished the book, and have not failed another practice test. What a confidence boost for when I take the test for real in a couple weeks. I VERY much look forward to the Extra class book from this author.

I picked up this book on Kindle so that I could study for my General Class license. After reviewing the info in this book I had no problem passing my General Class exam. This isn’t just a cram it and forget it book. You actually get the reason behind each answer which helped me understand why something was the way it was. Not just “an answer”. I recommend this book for anyone going for their General Class Amateur Radio license.

I got my license by listening to this audio book and taking practice tests on line, Michael Burnette does a great job imparting the knowledge and explains things so you can understand. It takes it from just memorization to actually knowing. I just started his Extra class book. It’s just as good. I’m a fan thanks for making the ham radio license process easy.