Reviews for The Fast Track to Your Technician Class Ham Radio License

I would like to thank Mr. Burnette for writing this book and making the audio book. I got them both to make a self study class where while he is talking in the audio book I could look at the diagrams and make my own notes without slowing down. Now there are other products out there that are free and have no BS in them. I know nothing about electronics so I needed a little more nonsense in order to grasp the material. The book offers great diagrams and personal Tips and memory aids by Mr. Burnette that worked very well for me. In 17 days I was able to take the Technician test and pass. I didn’t just memorize answers, I learned the material. If you are look at getting into ham radios like Mr. Burnette said “it’s better to learn it now”. KC3NNA 73

GET THIS BOOK! This book was recommended to me by a friend who used it to pass his Technician Class ham radio license exam. The book explains everything you need to know. It presents all the Tech exam questions and not only shows the correct answer for each question, but it also explains WHY the answers are correct and also why the wrong answers are not the correct choices. Sprinkled throughout are tips to help you remember the right answers. But this book does not just teach the exam. It gives lots of good information about everything a Technician Class ham needs to know. I highly recommend it. Using this book, I passed my Technician license exam the first time with a perfect score of 100%.

Author is easy to follow, I purchased several (more than I needed) Study guides for the Technician Class License. Ended up liking this one the best, I backed it up with the Audio Book version. Now I can listen to the material and follow along with Kindle version. Author is the narrator and is not boring or distracting to listen too. This helps as he obviously understands the material, he can go beyond the actual text at times to reinforce the point. I also purchased the math workbook as I needed a refresher. Also Kindle version makes highlighting a breeze, several YouTube videos to reinforce learning. Highly recommend The Fast Track series of Ham Radio License study material.

I want to say that I started from zero and studied the Technician and General digital and audio versions. I scheduled an exam 1.5 months after I started reading the books and just passed both my Technician and General exams the same day!

I do recommend the audio and digital book together. The only small gripe I had was that the audio book and the digital text didn’t always match up exactly from time to time (since he isn’t reading verbatim) , however minus that I found the material to be entertaining and relevant to the content presented.

This book was delivered on August 27, 2019. I passed my Technician and General tests on September 7, 2019. After studying the book, I decided to order “The Fast Track to Your General Class Ham Radio License written by the same author. After studying both books for 12 days, I passed both the Technician test (with one wrong answer) and General test with no wrong answers. Needless to say, I was delighted (and relieved). Michael does a great job of explaining how things work. Since I have a background building DIY audio, that gave me a bit of a head start compared to someone who has no electronics experience. But if you commit yourself to doing a chapter or two a day, it will not take that long to cover and (most importantly) understand the material. The book is packed with lots of fascinating material. I even learned that Joe Walsh (the guitar player) is a ham radio operator. What are you waiting for? Go ahead and order it!

Bought/used all three license class courses as Kindle and Audible. These courses by Michael Burnette are among the best training material that I’ve ever used (and I’ve had a lot of work-related continuing ed for comparison). The content and the production quality of these e and audiobooks are excellent. Burnette’s audio versions were my favorite, used in conjunction with Kindle as a reference. Burnette has a background in broadcasting and continuing ed–it shows in both versions–well edited without any annoying mannerisms. Burnette doesn’t get bogged down with minutia–If a exam question is poorly worded or confusing, he calls it out. Check out his supplementary Youtube videos for a sample of of his work. And you can control the speed of playback if it’s too fast or too slow.