Technician Class Practice Exams

Progress Checks

Approximately every five chapters, you may choose to complete a Progress Check. These are a 50 question sampling of all questions covered in the program up until the current chapter.

Each Progress Check produces a group-by-group evaluation of your performance in that group. Use these to focus your study time on the areas that need the most work.

Technician Progress Check #1

Technician Progress Check #2

Technician Progress Check #3

Technician Progress Check #4

Technician Progress Check #5

Technician Progress Check #6

Technician Progress Check #7

Final Practice Exam

The Final Practice Exam creates the balance of topics you will see on the actual exam; i.e., there will be one question from each Group.


For exams through June 30, 2022

These Practice Exams are arranged to integrate with The Fast Track to Your Technician Class Ham License paperback, e-book, and audiobook editions. Each chapter has a matching Practice Exam that will present the questions just covered in the chapter plus earlier questions.

The purpose of these Practice Exams is to enhance your memory of the material covered in the book and/or audio program. Just doing Practice Exams, guessing at answers without learning the underlying principles, is not an effective way to learn. (It just seems like the easy way.)

The Fast Track study system advocates that you:

  • Study the material, making written notes of key words and concepts.
  • Review the chapter, using a folded sheet of paper or an index card to cover up the correct answers. Push yourself to come up with the correct answer without seeing the choices.
  • Beginning after Chapter 4, immediately begin taking the Practice Exam for each chapter as you finish the chapter. If you’re short of time, at least take the Short Quiz for the chapter, which will cover only the questions in the chapter you just finished.
  • Approach the practice exams as open-book exams. If you do not know an answer, do not guess; never practice giving wrong answers! Look up the answer and review why it is the correct answer.
  • The practice exams are cumulative. In other words, each exam also covers some chapters previously covered. While a passing score on the official exam is 74%, for safety’s sake we recommend you attain a minimum of 85% mastery of the material before moving on. Our recommendation is that you achieve that 85% in a closed-book setting.
  • When you complete a practice exam, you will be shown your score, your answers, and the correct answers to any questions you answered incorrectly.
  • Approximately every five chapters you’ll have the opportunity to test yourself with a Progress Check. Progress Checks present a selection of all the questions covered up to that point. Of course, they’re completely optional, but may be helpful for some people in some instances. Progress Check scores show you how you did in each Group represented in the Progress Check, so they can help you focus your study in the places where it is most needed.
  • When you want to really “drill down” on a particular group, use the Group Drills listed above.