The Fast Track Ham Radio Facts Book

Created by the award-winning author of the Fast Track Ham License books and audio programs, Fast Track Ham Radio Facts is the reference to keep by your radio.

What’s the lowest frequency for Generals in the 80 meter band? How long is a dipole antenna for 20 meters? How much power are you losing if your SWR is 3.2:1? Where can Technicians operate in the 15 meter band? What country’s call signs begin with S9? All that and more is in Ham Radio Facts.

Packed with useful information:

  • Includes complete, indexed, up-to-date FCC Rules & Regulations Part 97
  • Frequency privileges for each class of license
  • Detailed charts of each band’s frequency allocations and band plan
  • FRS, GMRS, and CB frequencies
  • NCDXF beacon stations
  • NATO Phonetic Alphabet
  • International Morse Code
  • US call sign formats
  • US call sign regions
  • Allocations of world call sign prefixes, by prefix and by allocation
  • World Time Charts
  • RST Signal Reporting Guidelines
  • Q Signals – even the obscure ones
  • Prosigns
  • ARRL QN Signals for CW Net Use
  • ARRL Prosigns for CW Net Use
  • ITU Emission Types
  • Common Ham Radio Emission Types
  • Wire Size and Ampacity Guidelines
  • Electrical Wire Run Lengths vs. Voltage Drop
  • Coaxial Cable Specifications – Power Capacity and Attenuation
  • Schematic Symbols
  • Antenna Lengths
  • Optimum Random Wire Antenna Lengths
  • RF Exposure Limits
  • Electrical Values
  • Metric Electronic Values & Conversions
  • Resistor Color Codes
  • Over 40 Electronic Formulas
  • Space Weather Terms
  • Smith Chart
  • How to renew your license
  • How to apply for a vanity call sign
  • Over 250 tested Amateur Radio Web Links
  • Amateur Radio Glossary with nearly 700 entries

And more!

Full Table of Contents and Subject Index makes finding the information you want easy.