The Fast Track to Getting Started in Ham Radio

If you’ve been thinking about getting into amateur radio, here’s the information you’ve probably been looking for.

In this lively guide, award-winning ham radio author Michael Burnette, amateur radio call sign AF7KB, covers:

Michael Burnette is the author of the popular Fast Track to Your Ham License courses (available in paperback, e-book, and audio editions) and is a frequent presenter at major ham conventions.

  • What is amateur radio?
  • Why do amateur radio operators participate in the hobby?
  • How much does it cost?
  • What do hams do?
  • Mobile amateur radio communications
  • Global amateur radio communications
  • Radio contests
  • Amateur television
  • Amateur radio satellite communications
  • Outdoor recreation communications
  • Amateur radio public service
  • Amateur radio emergency communications
  • Field operations
  • Youth activities
  • How to get your ham license
  • License exam topics
  • How to study for the exam
  • Finding an exam testing session
  • Finding the ham radio community
  • Buying your first radio
  • Illustrated with pictures of equipment and hams in action

You’ll get a thorough introduction to the fun and useful world of amateur radio.

Note: This is not an amateur radio license manual. It is an introduction to the hobby and service that is amateur radio.