The Fast Track to Mastering Extra Class Ham Radio Math

Passing the Extra Class ham radio license exam means mastering some 21 formulas for calculating everything from the accuracy of a frequency counter to polar and rectangular plots of resistance, reactance, and impedance.

If you’re a person who struggled with math in the past, if you suspect you “don’t have the math gene,” even if you don’t know a polar plot from a polar bear, if you can push the buttons on a calculator, this course will have you confidently solving those equations like a pro in just a few hours.

This 26 lesson workbook-style course focuses solely on the math-heavy questions in the Extra Class exam. You’ll learn how to successfully use each and every formula on the exam, with explanations in simple English and step-by-step, calculator-button-by-calculator-button instructions for solving every problem.

  • 122 pages of lessons
  • Review of Math Basics
  • Examples and practice problems cover all the math-based questions from the exam. You’ll learn some electronics, but this is a book about how to pass the exam, not just a lot of theory.
  • Lots of practice problems and practice exams.
  • Includes a Bonus Less 27 on everything you need to know about the Smith Chart!
  • Support videos available, free, on this site.

Don’t let those formulas stop you one day longer!

Note: This workbook is an adjunct to The Fast Track to Your Extra Class Ham Radio License book; it provides additional training on the required math and does not cover the entire question bank of 713 questions. While the exercises can be completed on any scientific calculator, it provides specific key-by-key instructions for the affordable and widely available Texas Instruments TI-30XS calculator.